My plan as Mayor

Preserve our values

Step into the future

Strengthen our community

North Logan is built on strong values of faith, freedom, and family, which we will continue to preserve and honor as our city's foundational principles.

Our city is growing fast. We should encourage and manage that growth with  intention.

Our people are the best part of our community!  We can improve  conversations between city officials and our citizens so communication is clear and timely.

Hey Friend,

I'm Lyndsay Peterson.  I       North Logan.

Lawyer. Wife. Mom.
I believe North Logan is the best city in Cache Valley! 
Over the last 5 years, I've loved getting to know the people in our community as I've served as chair of the Planning Commission, President of the Friends of the North Logan Library for four years, member of the Cache County Medical Alliance Board, member of the Cache County Republican Party executive committee and member the North Park PTA board. 

Being a part of these committees has given me a great appreciation for the unique strengths of our community, as well as a clear understanding of the issues North Logan is facing. I want my kids to grow up loving this town as much as I do, and I have a vested interest in doing anything I can to help North Logan continue to thrive long-term while staying true to its values and sense of community. 

As mayor, I will be dedicated to creating a clear plan for the future while staying close to our time-honored values.

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Long-Term City Planning

Promote Economic Growth

Expand Outdoor Trails and Recreation

Support Law enforcement and First Responders

Create a Gathering Space for Our Community

Preserve Our Community’s Values While Keeping up with Modern Needs 

Continue the  North Logan legacy as the Best Place to Live in Cache Valley


  I       North Logan

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"I emphatically endorse Lyndsay Peterson, without reservation, as the best candidate for mayor."

Dr. Nathan Whittaker

I trust Lyndsay Peterson to be our North Logan City mayor.

I have observed Lyndsay as a civil servant with North Logan City’s planning and zoning commission, as a neighbor, as a parent, as a fellow congregation member, and as a friend. She is thoughtful, speaking with measured, articulate responses.

She is competent and capable. She takes her individual and civil responsibilities as a member of our community seriously. She is a diligent seeker of truth, has the work ethic to find it, and is humble enough to approach any holder of it. She is invested in the good of our community. She is a person of integrity and personifies the values that make our city great. She has the composure and steel to make tough decisions for the good of North Logan residents. 

I trust Lyndsay to protect and preserve the heritage, culture, and traditions that make North Logan unique and special, while thoughtfully considering diversity in perspectives and coordinating the efforts of many to address the needs of our growing community with tempered diplomacy.

As an excellent listener, Lyndsay can compassionately empathize with our concerns and wisely balance them with the interests of the whole of our community.

I am impressed by Lyndsay’s educational and occupational background as an attorney. I am equally impressed by her decision to sacrifice her career to be a mother of 3 children. Like many other incredible women, Lyndsay demonstrates the capacity, experience, education and passion to serve beyond the walls of her home.

As the father of 2 talented and ambitious daughters, I am grateful for her example of prioritizing motherhood, balanced with timely civil service, leveraging her skills and attributes to the benefit of her family, friends, and community. 

I am a married father of 5 children, living in North Logan. My aging parents live in North Logan. My sister and her family live in North Logan. I trust Lyndsay to be the chief executive of North Logan.
I emphatically endorse Lyndsay Peterson, without reservation, as the best candidate for mayor. I strongly encourage you to vote for her, benefiting you & me and our family, friends, and neighbors. 

Dr. Nathan D. Whittaker, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician