I have fallen in love with North Logan and feel lucky to be able to raise my family here. I truly believe that it’s the best city in Cache Valley.

 Since we moved here, I’ve invested in this community by serving causes I feel passionately about. I’m currently the chair of the Planning Commission and it’s given me a close-up view of the issues relating to growth in North Logan. I’ve been president of the Friends of the North Logan Library for four years and worked closely with the library director, the library board and city officials in filling our library with robust programs, materials and activities for our community. I’ve served on the Cache County Medical Alliance Board, the executive committee for the Cache County Republican Party and on the North Park PTA board. 

Hi there,

My legal education and background have been invaluable as I have served in leadership positions in our city.

I know how to distill discussions down to the most significant issues that are at the core of the decision at hand. I know how to advocate for those I represent based on a thoughtful analysis of the facts.

I can foresee the legal and long ­term impacts of the issues that face a city government.
I have fallen in love with Cache Valley and with North Logan City.

My grandfather was a 4th generation rancher and he fostered within me a feeling of responsibility for strengthening the community in which I live.   

The door of history turns on small hinges and civil servants can make a large impact on the course of a city and its citizens. I would love the opportunity to serve North Logan as our first female mayor.